That's why it's called a shortcut. If it were easy, it would just be "the way".

Monday, November 22, 2010

I No Longer Have Teens to Try This Stuff On...

Life is short. We of all people should know that. There is no guarantee of tomorrow. It's today. Today, this moment, the present choice that counts. It's not what you plan to do when you grow up, retire, get "that" job, have a family, have kids, move. It's all now that matters, this moment. 

But what about my friends, my relationship, my coworkers? What about school? I have too much going on. My responsibilities are too much. I can't quit now. I have to ease from one life to another. 

Maybe for you the excuses aren't the present variety but the past. 

If you only knew. I'm holding back because of my:

The way people treated me
Lack of Opportunity

Jesus said, leave what you are doing this moment and follow me. For some, it's the things you love holding you back. For others, the responsibilities of life trap you into feeling like you can't do anything. And some want to never get up & move because the past taught them they cant love, they can't trust or there will be "someday" to do what they should. Luke 9:57-62

There are 3 stumbling blocks for people to follow Jesus in this passage: possessions/security, people they don't want to let go of now (shown by needing to say goodbye to family), and the past/responsibility (shown by needing to bury someone).

Here's my challenge. Wipe away all of the excuses. Forget the past (and press on to what God has called you to), remember that the people are not more important than Jesus. Disregard how you will get where you are going. Just go. This is the only moment you have.