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Monday, February 05, 2007

July 21, 2007

Yay for July 21, 2007. The newest and last book of the Harry Potter's series is being released on that date. I am sure I will be reading every word and every page in every spare moment I have.

Being that I am a new mom, you are probably wondering if I am in Amberland thinking I could actually read a book with what will then be a seven month old. Well, I managed to read "Next" by Michael Crichton in just a few days with a two month old. I was sort of surprised, honestly. Someone had gotten me John Grishams' "Innocent Man" for my birthday when Karsten was only four days old and I tried reading it when he was about six weeks old but to no avail. The book never really seemed to get started. It all seemed like story background, even halfway through. But "Next" was really exciting and fun with quick chapters that developed and moved the characters along at a very nice clip. So I was committed to reading that book and was finished in a few days.

Being that JK Rowling books are getting to be the length of "Gone with the Wind", I am sure it will take me weeks to finish and maintain life outside of the novel so I am also sure I will be obsessing about what happens next and speed through the diaper changes as quickly as possible to get back to my chair, holding my child in one arm and holding the book that weighs the same as my child in another arm. But I am a wee bit excited. Is Dumbledore really dead? Who has been retriving the trinkets that hold Voldemort's soul? Who is next to die? What will happen with Ron and Hermoinie- do they fall in love happily ever after? Does Ginny make things work with Harry? Huh? Huh? Huh?