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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

More Candy Please

My recently-turned 2 year old son was a monkey for Halloween. Everyone said, "What a cute little bear!"


He was training how to hold out his pumpkin bucket and say "Twick or Tweet" all week but when it came down to the big night, he usually abandoned the usual saying for "More Candy, please."

It worked. Melts grandmas hearts apparently. He has a thing for suckers.

I recently acquired an iPhone. It compares to no other phone. It's not phone-centric. Apple didn't sit down and think, "Let's build a cell phone with some cool features." I think they took a product that was working and thought, "How can we get this to function as a cell phone too?" Cha-ching! It is brilliant. Enough said. Old news, I know. I just adapted several months later than the original launch.

On the other hand, I just got a Blackberry Bold yesterday on the AT&T Network. Early adapter on this one. I like it better than the iPhone in some regards. It is easier to text/email with. It is actually more powerful with out of the box features like aGPS which is exclusive to AT&T as satellite GPS instead of just cell tower GPS. The phone has another AT&T exclusive- Cellular Video. It's not like you record a video and send it. Everyone can do that. With cellular video, you initiate and phone call and then start the cellular video over that and it is a real time video-conferencing call. Also, on a lighter note, the Bold comes pre-loaded with Blackberrys classic brickbreaker as well as Soduku, Poker and Solitare. Oh, and if I decide to stop in Japan or Korea, guess what? The AT&T Bold is up to snuff to take on that need to. It works seamlessly there much like the iPhone 3G. Last big feature that I like it the Bold's ability to work on any available WiFi Network. So basically, tether your laptop to the Bold using WiFi or just for a faster browsing experience overall. Which leads me to the highlight of the Bold- the browser experience. It is much like the iPhone with a real, graphic rich user experience that is much more like desktop browsing instead of what we used to get with Blackberry which was an adaptation of websites broken down into text only. This has a beatuiful full color screen with graphics and links where you are used to seeing them plus a mouse that moves to where you need it to on the page instead of having the trackball only select certain spots on a webpage.

There's some great random blogging for a night when most people are glued to the screen to see the inevitable outcome of today's elections- we will have a new president residing in the White House come January. No matter who it is, it will be a good direction and change for the U.S.

God Bless America. Please.